January 2020
Knowledge is power. And access to knowledge is the key to equal opportunities for everyone. The bilingual radio program “Aufgeklärt” teaches consumers their rights every week.
We created a bold brand identity and powerful social media strategy in order for the program to reach even more people.
A bright brand identity
“Aufgeklärt” means “Enlightened” in English. That’s a strong statement to fulfill. And so when developing the Brand Identity of the radio program we went for bright images, confident and positive statements and a refined design. It was obvious for us that Songül Barış, the voice of the program, would become central to the motives for both the social media strategy and merchandise concept. She embodies “Aufgeklärt” and we underlined her approachable and straight-forward character through powerful portrait photography and an open but bold language, both online and offline.  

Efficient online and offline
In workshop sessions we developed a distinct social media strategy that focuses on connecting and engaging with the target audience – interactive Stories, quizzes and questions, sneak peaks, etc. At the same time we wanted the team of “Aufgeklärt” to overtake the management after the launch. So we prepared all necessary posting tools and made regular check-in sessions that helped the team handle the work flow. Because an efficient approach is just as important as a creative one!
The social media strategy together with a merchandise package created the strong presence that  “Aufgeklärt” aimed for – both online and offline.
“The whole team takes the cause very seriously and works with huge passion. I'm completely satisfied with the result and will certainly recommend Friendzone.Studio!”
Songül Barış, radio host and manager of “Aufgeklärt”

What we did

Social Media: Strategy, Concept and Planning

Content: Copywriting and Graphic Design

Visual Identity: Graphic Design and Merchandising

Photography: Art Direction, Portraits and Editorial

Workshops: Social Media

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Humboldt University ― Branding

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At our regular events we give artists that work on social impact a platform for their projects.

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