Humboldt University
November 2019
The program “Blickwechsel” of the Humboldt University organizes events for academics to share their knowledge and widen perspectives on Turkey.
For their conference we designed the visual identity, a poster series and a program in the form of a 100 page booklet that shared the results of the latest research on “Rights and Equality in Contemporary Turkey”.

Visualizating Rights and Equality
Rights and equality are challenging topics associated with many political aspects when it comes to Turkey. Together with the team of “Blickwechsel” - which means perspective change in English - we co-created a visual approach that doesn’t use cliches surrounding this topic. It rather focuses on a fresh approach and the relationship between the two issues.
We used basic shapes of outlined and filled circles to refer to the main topics “Rights” and “Equality”. Both circles meet in the centre of the visual to find a safe and common space. Colourwise we worked with the corporate identity colour blue and created contrast and highlight with the usage of yellow. The clean yet complex visual emphasises the relation and combination of the two issues while referring to the association of the physical space between them. At the same time the form and colour-play creates a fresh look that attracts not only academics but makes the conference attractive to a wider audience.
“We received very beautiful products and liked the overall approach of Friendzone.Studio: creative, committed and friendly. We also received very good feedback from our guests.”
Tuğba Yalçınkaya, Project coordinator
Accessibility is key
The booklet we designed focuses on the results of the research. The issues presented have an immense depth and importance so the readability and ease to get into the topics was our main goal. We implemented our aim with bold headlines, subversive application of colour and the generous usage of empty space. The crisp look we created for both booklet and merchandise granted a wider accessibility and a strong representation of the conference “Rights and Equality in Contemporary Turkey”.

What we did

Visual Identity: Graphic Design and Merchandising

Editorial: Art Direction, Graphic Design

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