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April 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed lives all over the world. To cope with the sudden uncertainty, empower and support each other, over 400 women photographers worldwide document their lives and build a community online.

Together with Women Photograph we developed the overall strategy as well as the external communication of the project, and created a website and instagram account.
Social Media as a way to strengthen community and representation
Initiated by Friendzone.Studio colleague Charlotte Schmitz and fellow photographer Hannah Yoon the project started with an open call to the community of 1000+ Women Photograph members to participate in a project to network and support each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 400 photographers joined and “WP the journal” was born.

When getting involved our approach was to create an overall strategy that does not only foster support between the women but provides a creative outlet for them as professional photographers. We created an instagram account functioning as an online gallery where the participants document their daily lives during the crisis in a creative yet structured manner. Weekly visual themes are curated by editors of TIME Magazine, ZEIT Magazin and Diversify Photo. This way the photographers are able to receive a bigger reach for their work while at the same time the public can get an intimate view on life during the pandemic all over the world. As the participants are all women and non-binary persons, the project allows a view point from individuals that struggle to a greater extent economically and socially.
“The journal helps to ensure that the voices of marginalised photographers are not lost during the crisis.”
Jacqui Palumbo,
A design that creates space for art and documentation
In order to do justice to the art works of the photographers and to the diversity approaches we have created a minimalistic design system on the social media account, working only with headlines that visualise the fact that 400+ women from over 80 countries and more than 20 time zones are part of the journal and give structure and recognition value to the viewer.

The Website of the project presents the overall idea and is a resource for journalists and possible interested parties to get insights into the project and access the coordinators behind  the journal. We wanted to give the visuals a magazine approach, since it’s content presents documentary photography from all around the world and is related to the field of news and journalism. The choice of contrasting colors used within the project relates to the extremes we live during this pandemic: home for instance has become the place where we can feel equally stuck and fully comfortable.

Coming Up
The project has just started and we don’t know what further influence the pandemic will have on our lives. With the journal we hope we are able to offer a platform of documentation, representation and exchange. Further down the line we would like to create offline exhibitions, publications and project developments that on the one hand support the photographers financially and with their overall career, and on the other hand give stronger representation to people that are less in the spotlight.

What we did

Overall Strategy: Project Concept and Planning together with Hannah Yoon

Identity: Naming, Logo, Graphic Design

Website: Graphic Design, UX/UI, Copywriting, Content Curation

Social Media: Strategy, Concept, Planning and Management

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