Charlotte Schmitz

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Hi, I am Charlotte.
I'm a photographer and artist. My independent projects often subvert the traditional documentary approach by being deliberately personal, and as a photojournalist I work for international media outlets, such as der Spiegel and The Washington Post.

What I do

Visual Identity: Brand Identity, Social Media Content, Photography and Video

Creative Consulting: Workshops in photography for entrepreneurs and individuals, to build up photography skills for their own businesses

Advocacy: Seminars and panel discussions

Why I do it

Photography is my passion – from personal works through which I convey my messages on social issues to creating new experiences for brands and people. Through teamwork, I develop new concepts and bring different styles and approaches together to create something refreshing and new. One of my main motivations is the underrepresentation and misrepresentation of women in all forms of media, which is why I focus on women rights and sexuality. I also love teaching, and giving workshops and lectures. Another plus of my profession is that it takes me all over the world.

Selected work

Selected Work

Web Design, Visual Identity

IWWIT – Deutsche Aidshilfe

Do you know IWWIT? It’s a platform for queer guys to get the newest info on STDs and protection. I did the visual identity and web design that launched on June 2018. The newspaper called it “modern and super simple to use”. Together with

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Web Design, Social Media


Archives and libraries are the memory of society. The University Potsdam is looking for students interested in becoming keepers of these places. In collaborative work Marie who did concept and copy for this project, I created the web design and social design. Together with

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Visual Identity, Web Design, Stationary

Muntanyeta Biblioteca Escolar

La Muntanyeta is a very special school – their objective is to attend to children with special educational needs, with the aim of maximising their motor, intellectual, social and emotional development, as well as achieving greater family and social integration. My job was to create a new visual identity and digital face for their library.

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