we develop new narratives for projects that inspire change.
Communication Strategy / Campaign / Social Media / Copywriting / Web Design / Editorial / Photography

the journal

We created a unique social media strategy and visual identity for the journal, a global photography collective of several hundred women* who have come together to create a profound avenue for connection, creativity, and support. The journal is a new way of community and storytelling on Instagram, which offers equal and diverse representation. The journal was featured in The Washington Post, UNESCO Magazine, The New Yorker, Artsy and is now being exhibited worldwide. It gives insight into the lives of women around the world and empowers photographers beyond the collective.
What we did:
Strategy: Project Concept & Planning together with Hannah Yoon
Identity: Naming, Logo, Graphic Design
Website: UX/UI, Copywriting, Content Curation
Social Media: Strategy, Concept, Planning and Management

Humboldt University

The program “Blickwechsel” shares knowledge and widens perspectives on contemporary Turkey. We designed the visual identity for their conference “Rights and Equality”, along with a poster series and a 100 page booklet, containing their research findings. Our focus was developing a fresh approach between these two issues - rights and equality - in addition to making the academic content approachable through accessible design. We produced a crisp look with bold headlines, a subversive application of their CI and generous usage of empty space.

What we did:
Visual Identity: Graphic Design and Merchandising
Editorial: Art Direction and Graphic Design

Creative Swap

We developed an original online exchange program for young people in different countries. Creative Swap enables the participants to use photography and social media to express and reflect their lived realities and communicate across borders. The pilot project was designed for the German Turkish Youth Bridge. The Stiftung Mercator mentioned Creative Swap as an example for successful online youth exchange.
Together with: Maviblau e.V. & Katadrom
What we did:
Overall Strategy: Project Concept and Planning
Program: Seminars, personal guidance, group organisation
Identity: Naming, Logo and Graphic Design
Social Media: Strategy, Concept and Content Curation