together we

explore new narratives
build communities
inspire change


Founded in 2019, Friendzone.Studio was initially a Berlin-based collective of friends and creatives who came together to pursue projects that align with our shared values and interest.

We channel our passion into our work while complementing one another with our specialised skills and backgrounds.


Charlotte Schmitz is a visual artist and journalist with more than 10 years of working with international media outlets and art institutions. Her strength lies in building communities through participatory projects.

Flor Orpianesi is a multidisciplinary designer whose working process balances between external and internal contexts, functionality and fun, simplicity and complexity, experiments and methods. 


Friendzone.Studio continues our mission to contribute to important conversations on equality and artistic expressions. As an independent studio, we have been collaborating remotely with many other creatives from all over the world who add strength as well as unique and diverse perspectives to our projects.