positioning & storytelling

we position projects through in-depth research and explore narratives that amplify their potentials and impact.
Brand Strategy/ Identity/ Communication Strategy/ Social Media/ Web Design/ Photography/ Copywriting/ Editorial

Creative Swap

In July 2020, we created an online exchange program called Creative Swap in collaboration with the German-Turkish Youth Bridge. The program has been able to bring together more than 900 students from all over Germany and Turkey to participate in multiple remote activities for a period of two to four weeks. Friendzone.Studio leads workshops and open discussions, teaching young people how to use photography to express themselves and capture their surroundings, while building space for them to create, share and learn more from one another.
What we did:
Overall Strategy: Project Development and Planning
Program: Workshop Concept and Realisation
Identity: CI, Graphic Design, Exhibition Design
Social Media: Strategy, Concept and Content Curation

The Journal 

The Journal is a member-run collective of several hundred women and non-binary photographers from around the world. Founded in early 2020 at the beginning of the global pandemic, the collective contributes alternative visual narratives to this period of history while offering a platform for support and collaboration. We have been partnering with The Journal from their founding until now to develop a unique corporate identity and innovative strategies that highlight their images and stories on social media. We also designed a newsletter and a website that archives and conceptualises their work and latest activities.
What we did:
Strategy: Project Concept & Planning
Identity: Naming, Logo, Graphic Design
Website: UX/UI, Copywriting, Content Curation
Social Media: Graphic Design, Strategy, Concept, Planning and Management


We build and lead digital spaces for connection through artistic and cultural education. We use principles of art-based learning and diversity approaches, always taking into account the specific needs of the institutions and companies and their participants on their learning journey. Our formats range from developing educational material, to digital spaces and workshop sessions. We have guided organisations like German Red Cross, Berufliche Fortbildungszentren der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (bfz) or the Humboldt University to connect and create.
In autumn 2023 we'll be offering the Creative Business Consulting Course "We are Open". Join here!
What we did:
Strategy: Project Management and Consulting
Content: Concept and Multimedia Storytelling
Website: Digital Learning, UXUI and Development
Editorial: Book Design, Creation of Materials (online and print)


Images taken by The Journal members have been showcased in major exhibitions around the world including Photoville, Dortmund Photo Festival or most recently, Foto Wien. From public spaces to private galleries, community to travelling exhibitions, we have been entrusted with curating and designing photo panels and graphics for nearly every exhibition The Journal has been part of. We experimented with various multimedia approaches that integrate the photographic installations into distinctive features of each exhibition space, while exploring ways to connect the images into a collective visual experience.
What we did:
Visual Language: Graphic Design, Image Curation
Social Media: Strategy, Graphic Design, Stories & Posts

Theater im Delphi

In the vibrant arts and cultural scenes in Berlin, Theater im Delphi emerges as an eclectic performance venue that hosts a spectrum of events from theatre, dance, concerts, opera, silent films to exhibitions. In 2021 our studio redesigned their website in order to bring the theatre’s diverse range of activities closer to the growing and widened online audience. As part of our social media strategy, we developed an online format that digitises performances by the theatre actress Nolundi Tschudi to make the theatre’s content more interactive and approachable.
What we did:
Strategy: Overall Approach
Identity: Graphic Design, Tonality
Website: UX/UI, Copywriting, Content Curation, Photography
Social Media: Strategy, Concept, Planning, Post Creation


Aufgeklärt is a weekly bilingual radio program in German and Turkish. A project by Türkische Bund Berlin-Brandenburg (TBB) partnered with Metropol FM - Germany’s first Turkish-speaking radio station, Aufgeklärt covers a wide range of topics on consumer protection. We created a neat and contemporary branding for the program and helped develop their social media strategies. We also photographed and designed an instructional booklet that details the most important themes covered in Aufgeklärt, bringing about a refreshing visual presentation of the program.
What we did:
Social Media: Strategy, Concept, and Planning
Content: Copywriting and Graphic Design
Visual Identity: Graphic Design, Booklet and Merchandising
Photography: Art Direction, Portraits, and Editorial